Payments, Refunds and Disputes Policy


You will be issued an invoice on completion of our agreed work (or at otherwise agreed intervals). Payment is accepted via BACS or credit/debit card (via Stripe). All payments are accepted in GBP (£) only.

Refunds & Disputes

All refunds and disputes will be managed in accordance with the terms and provisions laid out in your specific service agreement with us. The terms of service agreements vary from client to client. Typically, this will involve:

  • You raising an issue with an aspect of the services provided to you
  • We will investigate this and make every reasonable attempt to rectify the issue raised with us, informing you of our intention to rectify, our plan to do so and our completion of such plan
  • We will confirm with you that you are satisfied with the remedy and that the issue raise had been resolved.
  • If no suitable resolution of the issue is possible, or if otherwise agreed mutually, a credit note or refund may be issued to you.
  • Where appropriate, other dispute resolution options, such as mediation, may be considered. Please refer to your specific service agreement.

Please note, Sharp Circle provides services to businesses only and does not deal directly with private individuals or consumers.

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to payments, refunds and disputes.